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​Air Conditioning Maintenance

AIRCO provides air conditioning maintenance in Sussex and Kent..

Our dedicated service engineers carry out planned and reactive maintenance, whether we’ve installed your system or not.

Our services include:

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Contracts
Reactive Maintenance
Filter Cleans
Leak Checks
Chemical Cleans
Full Service Reports

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Taking out a planned preventative maintenance contract is the best way to look after your air conditioning.

Guaranteed to extend your system’s lifetime, it prevents small problems developing into serious faults. Regular visits allow our experienced engineers to fix minor issues before you even notice they’re there.

If your system is regularly maintained, you’re unlikely to experience any downtime and should never have to pay out for repairs.

Our air conditioning maintenance schedules are built around your needs. Typically, we make 1-2 visits per year, depending on your system, but also offer tailored packages to meet your individual requirements.

We always contact you in advance to arrange maintenance work and never turn up unannounced. If the time we suggest doesn’t suit you, we’re always happy to reschedule.

To discuss our maintenance contract pricing or arrange a free site survey, call 01424 810006.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is vital for all air conditioning systems. It optimises performance, prevents breakdowns and boosts energy efficiency.

Systems that go without maintenance typically lose 5% efficiency every year. In terms of running costs, that quickly adds up.

Failing to service your air conditioning units can also cause dirty filters and blockages in your system. These can cause the units to short cycle and consume much more energy, as well as leading to freezing and water leaks.

Regular maintenance also makes your system last longer. By looking after it properly and taking out a maintenance contract, you can double your system’s usable lifetime.

In the short term, air conditioning systems that don’t get cleaned out allow mould and other microorganisms to grow. This can exacerbate health problems in your building, including allergies, asthma and general irritation.

Finally, air conditioning systems over a certain size have to be maintained by law. Businesses need to demonstrate that refrigerant gases aren’t leaking into the atmosphere and only a qualified professional can do that for you.

What Happens on a Maintenance Visit?

Maintenance visits vary depending on your system, environment and the work that needs doing.

However, we always carry out the following essential work on a routine visit:

Ask how you feel the system is performing and address any concerns
Clean filters, airways and evaporator coils
Inspect electrical wiring
Test and clean condensate pumps
Check refrigeration levels and pressure, identifying any leaks
Check compressor amperage and current
Inspect insulation and pipework
Clean and sanitise all units
Test system in heating and cooling modes
Complete service report

At the end of a maintenance visit, we talk you through what we’ve done and issue you with a copy of the service report. This gives you written confirmation of our findings, giving you a complete record of how your system is functioning.

We may arrange a follow up visit to carry out further work if necessary.

Get in touch on 01424 810006 with your service and maintenance enquiry.