Heat Pump Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are able to deliver comfort to every room in your home or commercial premises by using a system of ductwork which is installed into your ceiling.

Requiring only one outdoor unit, ducted air conditioners also take up very little space.

Ducted air conditioning systems provide the ultimate in comfort and quality climate control – all year round. They are operated by a wall mounted control so you have the option to alter fan speed and, of course, temperature throughout your premises. Ducted Air Conditioners are also extremely quiet to run.

How Ducted Air Conditioning Works:

Reverse cycle heat pump air conditioners are great for keeping you cool in Summer, but many people are not aware that they are also one of the best systems for warming your space during Winter. The optimised inverter control technology in today’s systems ensure that even in the most extreme conditions, your exterior unit will convert the outdoor air into perfect comfort indoors.

Perfect comfort throughout every room
Visually appearing designs – Our wide range of brands help you choose the design that suits your home/office/factory
Perfect reverse cycle heating & cooling
Seamless operation, featuring timers & easy-to-use remote control wall units
Zone control for superior cost-efficiency!
Concealed Air Conditioner Installation – Vents can be positioned in your floor, wall or ceiling
Ducted Systems are a value-add to your home or business
Even comfort distribution
Can prove to be cheaper than having single units for each separate room
Helps with filtering the air for better health.