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High efficiency all the year: On 24/7 operation, the performance of the air conditioning is a key factor. When the efficiency is high, the return on investment of such units is quickly reached.

Complete line-up with high efficiency even at -20°C: This Wall Mounted air conditioner is especially designed for professional applications such as computer rooms where cooling inside the room is necessary even when the outside temperature is low. Furthermore this air conditioner has an automatic changeover system, in order to maintain the inside temperature even when sharp outside temperature changes occur.

Outdoor Unit · Cooling even when ambient temperature is as low as -20°C · Electronic expansion valve (accurate sub-cooling and adjustable refrigerant flow) · Outdoor DC fan motor to provide flexible air-fl ow to ensure optimum condensation pressure (works on outdoor pipe temperature sensor)

Interface option to manage server room operation: The PAW-SERVER-tKEA server room interface manages redundancy and backup of two PKEA units with two different selectable modes: · Plug and play by embedded redundancy and backup algorithm (no external signal needed. Further details please refer to operation manual) · External (third party PLC) redundancy and backup management by dry contact All settings are possible without the need for a computer connection. A special Energy Saving Mode is selectable by deep switch (available only in plug and play mode). The level of remote control input prohibition can be set when external management is by dry contact.

Features and Benefits

NEW! From 2.5 to 7.1kW with new TKEA R32 gas units A+++ in cooling
Backup function
Redundancy function
Alternative run function
Error information by dry contact
Operation even at -20°C outdoor temperature
Excellent performance with excellent SEER
Product design for 24/7 operation

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