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New built-in WLAN for smartphone control 

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A smart solution to keep your home clean, comfortable and welcoming
The smart, new Etherea now comes with nanoe™ X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals. With advanced control options, class-leading performance, a stylish design and intelligent features, Etherea is designed to make your home comfortable, clean and the ideal place to be.

Having invested in your own unique conservatory, it is essential that you create a room that is perfect for relaxing with friends and family regardless of the season.
Temperatures are from unbearably hot in the summer to unpleasantly cold during the winter. Until now, there have been few options available to combat this problem in conservatories. Airco A.C Limited can help Cooling & Heating All Year Round

The true advantage of heat pump air conditioning is that not only will it cool your conservatory during the spring and summer months, it will heat your room during autumn and winter. This can transform your conservatory from a redundant room, to a cool and welcoming retreat in the spring and summer and a warm and cosy area in the autumn and winter.

Domestic Air Conditioning Services In Bexhill

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Console designed for discreet integration on walls is a favourite for conservatories, and for high performance, Double airflow for improved comfort and temperature dispersion:

Panasonic air conditioning offers the floor console unit with a healthy option including "Soft dry operation mode" and odour-removing function.

The is a very energy efficient heat pump air conditioning system with functions include Super Quiet fan mode, powerful mode, automatic vertical airflow control, hot start mode and fully automatic restart. User friendly infrared remote control and 24-hr timer. 

The Panasonic Free Multi systems allows multiple indoor units to be connected to 1 outdoor unit, and long piping connections are also possible up to 80 meters on larger models. Compared with single type, the outdoor unit can be installed in various places to utilize the space-saving installation of a single outdoor unit. The Panasonic Multi Z systems units make it easily possible to have combinations of different kinds of indoor units (wall, ducts, floor, cassette, etc.) with different capacities, in order to adapt to the needs of the user. Furthermore, being fitted with Inverter technology allows greater performance and lower energy consumption with all models bring A+++ rated.