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The new ECOi Series, which is the ideal solution for delivering highly efficient VRF technology to buildings with restricted external space, such as apartment blocks with very small balconies. The compact size of the outdoor unit, which is under a metre high, allows it to be placed on a small balcony or rooftop without impacting the visual aesthetic of the building from the street.

In addition to its small size, the ECOi series offers the most energy efficient  VRF solution on the market. Thanks to innovative new technology the range has the best EER and COP rating in the industry, with single fan 4HP units achieving a maximum EER of 4.50 and a maximum COP of 5.19. The technology that delivers this performance includes the new Panasonic Twin Rotary Compressor with wider inverter control for higher efficiency and improved partial load control.

VRF Systems

Offering complete flexibility, up to 50 indoor units can be connected from just 1 outdoor unit. These can include any combination of cassettes, ducted, floor, wall or ceiling mounted air conditioning indoor units.
The VRF offers a buildings complete heating and cooling requirements. Heat can be recovered in to sanitary hot water or into warm air curtains at building entrances, providing an efficient integrated solution. Further adding to the ranges advanced capabilities is the AHU controller which enables interface to third party air handling units.

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