The VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications. 

The technology of VRF is second to none and offers a substantial increase in seasonal energy efficiency, low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Fully inverter controlled, the R410A VRF units are available as heat pump or heat recovery systems in air, ground or water source variants. Meeting the demands of increased legislation the air cooled models are available in a High COP option and are the most efficient products available.

Offering complete flexibility, up to 50 indoor units can be connected from just 1 outdoor unit. These can include any combination of cassettes, ducted, floor, wall or ceiling mounted air conditioning indoor units.
The VRF offers a buildings complete heating and cooling requirements. Heat can be recovered in to sanitary hot water or into warm air curtains at building entrances, providing an efficient integrated solution. Further adding to the ranges advanced capabilities is the AHU controller which enables interface to third party air handling units.